Wild Things

wild things

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The English past is rich with eccentrics and pioneers whose passion for adventure and discovery took them from the comfort of home to the far flung corners of the world. Following the footsteps of these early explorers, Wild Things traces a path of adventure across the globe, capturing in a collection of ‘scented souvenirs’ the spirit of the weird and wonderful.

A selection of evocative scents from Ashleigh & Burwood’s coveted Lamp Fragrances have been chosen for the collection. Fragrances travelling from spicy and sophisticated to exotic and fruity conjure up destinations of country estates, mysterious islands, and tropical jungles. Paired with each scent is a vibrant graphic artwork by in-house designer Sumitta Spencer-Townson, creating patterns of flora and fauna tied to each theme. Accented with gold lids, Wild Things’ luxury candles and reed diffusers create a bright, bold statement, celebrating the colourful eccentricity at the heart of the collection.

Wild Things - Crouching Tiger

crouching tiger

Brush aside thick green leaves to reveal the glimpse of a majestic tiger. Frozen in admiration, breathe in the rich citrus scents of the fruits nestled overhead and the warm, resinous amber snaking down the trunks of nearby trees.

Wild Things - Pinemingos


This tropical blend conjures a crystalline blue ocean lapping at sandy shores where colourful splashes of flamingos dance. Beneath trees rich with exotic fruits the sweet, creamy scents of coconut and lychee fill through the air.

Wild Things - Humming Leopard

humming leopard

In the midst of ancient jungle ruins, freshness blooms. Hummingbirds flutter swiftly through crawling vines and crumbling stones to sip honeyed nectar from bright flowers. A leopard prowls across weathered temple steps through the sweet, juicy scent of succulent red berries, plump apricots and fragrant musk.

Wild Things - Sir Hoppingsworth

sir hoppingsworth

The refined fragrance of cognac splashing into a glass, rich leather chairs and wood-panelled walls. Enter into the distinguished realm of an English gentlemen’s study, a desk papered with maps of far-off lands and a white rabbit curled up before the glowing fireplace.

Wild Things - Shake a Tail Feather

shake a tail feather

Rich, golden sunshine bathes the resplendent, rainbow blossoms colouring the marble walkways of an enchanting palace garden. As princely peacocks strut by, the seductive aroma of deep pink roses and fresh mimosas float above a warm balsamic base.

Wild Things - Monarch of the Forest

monarch of the forest

In a thicket of smoky, aromatic woods a majestic stag rests, his crown of antlers burnished by the rising sun. Spun from the scents of the forest, robins dance across a floor of earthy patchouli in the haze of frosty mist sparkling in the dawn.

Wild Things - Mr Fox

mr fox

Inside the grand country home of Mr Fox festivities are in full swing. Boughs of holly deck the mantelpiece, while sweet vanilla treats and bowls of oranges stuffed with spices scent the room, warmed by a roaring fire. From his chair on the hearth, Mr Fox relaxes into a cloud of pipe smoke and the bright, happy atmosphere of yuletide.

Wild Things - Owl Night Long

owl night long

In the dusky moonlight of a midwinter evening, squirrels scramble homeward up trees glittering with a patina of frost. From the forest, pale shadows of snowy owls rise to soar through the velvety night. Soft vanilla, golden caramel and cashmere musk melt into the air to create this mysterious scent.

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